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We’ll prepare you and your halter horsewith lessons for East Bay, Antioch, Pleasanton and Tracy

Our world renowned halter program was started by Steve Dal Porto who developed it into a winning formula based on years of experience and a strong commitment to offering quality, professional care.  

Steve offers private halter training to children and non-pro adults in East Bay as well as Antioch, Brentwood, Livermore, Pleasanton, Clayton and Oakley. With our flexible schedule and winning program, handlers of all ages can find success in the show ring.



Halter horse training lessons for East Bay

Halter horses have been at the heart of the Dal Porto Show Horses program from the beginning.

  • Lessons for showing play a pivotal role in preparing you and your horse to show at your best.
  • Halter horse lessons are available for youth and non-pro clients. 
  • They are private and can be scheduled as needed to prepare you for a successful showing.
  • We use facilities at the Rafter D Ranch in Brentwood
  • If you want more information about fitting, showing or purchasing a halter horse, contact Steve Dal Porto.

Private training from East Bay to Antioch to Livermore

We offer private halter training for youth and adult handlers throughout the East Bay from Antioch to Brentwood to Tracy and Livermore.

Progressive program

We take advantage of new science in equine sports medicine and nutrition, maintaining a progressive program to give our horses the best advantage in the show ring. 

Attention to detail, along with a dedication to each horse, is what brings success to our clients.


What is Halter?

Halter is a type of horse show class where horses are shown “in hand” meaning that they are lead (not ridden) and are judged on their confirmation and suitability as breeding stock.

Who may handle or show a halter horse?

Anyone who is interested may learn to handle and show a halter horse.  The classes are divided into categories for Youth, Adult Amateur and Professional handlers.  

No riding experience is necessary for showing or handling a halter horse. 

What does the handler do in a halter show?

The handler leads the horse in front of the judge to be evaluated.   Horses are first required to walk and trot in a straight line and are then assessed individually from a stand still. Upon the judge’s final decision, the announcer will call out the placing for the class and ribbons are awarded.

How is the horse prepared for the halter class?

The horses are meticulously groomed before entering the arena.  They are trained to stand correctly and to walk and trot on command.

How do I get started?

We offer halter lessons with our experienced and gentle lesson horses. If you think you would like to give it a try, contact Steve Dal Porto. 

“We have been with Dal Porto Ranch for more than 28 years. Steve & Carol are very professional and have never steered us wrong. Steve is a knowledgeable professional and knows his horses. With his guidance we have been able to achieve our dreams. ”

- Richard H. & Donna T.