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Adult riding lessonsfor all skills levels in East Bay area

People of all ages look forward to riding at Dal Porto Riding Academy in Brentwood. Some rode as children and wish to resume lessons after many years, some are current riders who desire to gain more knowledge and self-confidence while others have never ridden at all.

With flexible lesson schedules and gentle lesson horses, we can accommodate anyone from the East Bay area, from Brentwood to Pleasanton. Dal Porto Riding Academy uses the facilities at Rafter D Ranch in Brentwood for all lessons.


Flexible adult horse riding program

Dal Porto Riding Academy offers introductory and monthly lesson packages for adults of all levels, from beginners to advanced riders. We accommodate all schedules, which is why morning and evening options are available. Avid riders are welcome to add more lessons to their monthly package.

All our students experience a one of a kind riding program that “starts where you are” so your lessons will be adapted to fit your ability. A variety of gentle lesson horses will give you the opportunity to experience many kinds of horses, from big to small, young to old.

If you are new to Dal Porto but have been riding for a while, we recommend an evaluation lesson to help us assess your skill level.

Riding lessons for all skill levels

The one common thread is the desire for an enjoyable experience with a horse. No matter your skill level, Dal Porto Riding Academy offers everyone an opportunity for recreational riding with our professional standards.

We believe in teaching every rider proper balance and aids before moving on to more advanced skills, which produces safer and more effective equestrians. We also believe in learning by watching so when they are ready, our students ride in a group lesson. This gives them a sense of community while offering visual learning.

Riding is an avenue to self-awareness and self-improvement. Our goal is to help you along your journey.


Introductory Package

  • 2 one hour lessons
  • For beginners or re-entry riders
  • Lessons available Monday - Friday

A great way for new students to meet Carol and sample the Dal Porto Riding Academy experience.


Weekly Lesson Package

  • Combination of private & semi-private instruction
  • 1 hour lesson every week
  • Lessons available Monday - Friday

For riders who want to continue on in our program, these lessons include private and semi-private instruction.

Adult Flexible Package

  • 4 one hour lessons $260
  • 8 one hour lessons $480
  • 12 one hour lessons $660
  • Group & private depending on availability

No set day or time, this option gives you the freedom to book your lessons to fit your schedule.

adult horeseback riding lessons

Why should adults try horseback riding?

As you ride, you enjoy a harmonious partnership.  People of all ages can enjoy the connection with a horse and the following are just some of the benefits you’ll gain.

Stress Relief

While grooming and riding horses, the outside world falls away as we immerse ourselves into the experience of these magnificent animals.

Improved Fitness

Strength, endurance and overall physical condition improve with time spent in the saddle and caring for horses at the barn.

Increased Balance

The movement of a horse beneath you is an exhilarating experience with the added benefit of the increase in balance you gain as you learn to move with the horse.

Meet new people with a common interest

Riding and love for horses transcends culture, job titles and the like.  The barn offers a diverse and supportive community.

Start riding and you’ll find peace in the company of horses and the people who love them.

Trained lesson horses

Dal Porto Riding Academy has well-trained lesson horses for all level of riders.  These horses are crucial to the process of learning to ride since you can only learn to ride as well as the horse is trained.

For those who are just beginning their lessons, we have gentle horses that are perfect for those starting to learn.  For the more advanced rider, we have trained horses suitable for differing skill levels.

Haul-in lessons

If you have a horse and are interested in bringing your horse to our facilities at the Rafter D Ranch for lessons, you may contact us for information and availability.  This is a great way to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Show team program

Our show teams aren’t just for youths, we have many adults who enjoy competing in local, regional and world shows.  Contact Carol if you’re interested in finding out more about our show team program.

Payment, cancellation and makeup policy

Payment is due before your first lesson of the new month and no later than the 7th.

We understand that sometimes cancellations are unavoidable, but unless an actual emergency is involved, it should be understood that we require at least a 24-hour notice of any cancellation. 

When we do receive a 24-hour notice, we will give you a credit towards a make-up lesson.

“Carol’s approach is so much more than saddling up and riding. Her progressive style of teaching gives the rider the foundation and understanding necessary to teach them how to teach themselves. Her purpose as an instructor and accomplished horsewoman provide motivation for riders to be their best at home or in the show ring. Good riding takes work and self-accountability; Carol gives you the confidence, inspiration and encouragement to work toward this goal.”

- Janet L.