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Gold N Grand Show Rancho Murrieta Results July 2021
Photo: Sophia at Gold N Grand Show Rancho Murrieta July 2021

Summer Gold n Grand Show Results

Congratulations to all the Dal Porto students who participated at the summer Gold ‘n Grand Show at Rancho Murrieta in July.

Art Strong & Better Get Reddy APHA - Top 5 Buckles.

Sophia Medeiros & Miss Musical Charlie - Champion 18 & under Youth Showmanship Limit.

Cameron Cleaves & CR Impressive Dude - Circuit Champion 18 & Under Pleasure Limit Youth WJ.

Brooklyn Joaquin & Just Zip Lightly - Champion and Reserve Buckles.

Ashley and Annie showing at Gold n Grand Rancho Murrieta July 2021

More Gold n Grand Show Results

Congratulations to all the Dal Porto students who participated at the summer Gold ‘n Grand Show at Rancho Murrieta in July.

Ashley Hurles & Annie, a.k.a. I Put A Spell On You - two Championship Buckles.

Lori Butler & California Casual - Championship Buckle in Horsemanship.

Debbie Cardoza & ZW Tardee To Class - these two navigated through their classes with success and progress being made along the way.

Alexis Steele & Choc Out My Asset - Hi Point Amateur.

Gold N Grand Rancho Horse Show 2021
Photo: Gold N Grand Show Rancho March 2021

Gold n Grand Rancho Show Results

A beautiful week at the Gold N Grand Show. Some personal bests and many goals accomplished.

We brought home buckles and perhaps even more valuable, each rider brought home new understanding and skills.

Dal Porto Riding Lessons 2021

Let’s thank our horses every day.

Horses don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, or what you believe. They care only about how you behave with them. This enables them to give unconditional acceptance to anyone who is revealing his or her true self.

Working with the horse provides unique opportunities for us to enhance our own self-awareness. And with this awareness, learn new positive ways of being with the horse that in turn create a strong partnership. These strong partnerships are the key to our success with our horses in and out of the show arena.

Gold N Grand Rancho Murrieta
Photo: Gold N Grand Show Rancho Murrieta

Gold N Grand Show in Rancho Murrieta

While it is true, I’m not going to go on about the work that it takes to be successful. What really made our team successful this past weekend was the cohesiveness that came from supporting each other.

The heartfelt encouragement, helping hands and the calm that was maintained created a space for everyone to tap into their own magnificence.

I’m so proud of this group, how they have each grown as riders and how they work together for the greater good.

Our riders rounded out the weekend of showing by winning 15 buckles and a high point saddle.

Art 7CPHC Show Brookside

7CPHC Show at Brookside

Congratulations to our riders as they all received top placings in their classes.

The team works hard when things need doing! The team supports each other when challenges arise! The team rides and laughs together while experiencing the joy that comes from a group who shares a passion to connect with and love these beautiful horses.

We are so blessed by these amazing people that we get to call our team. Thank You all that share your equestrian journey with us.

Brooklyn and Just Zip Lightly

This little one is on a roll. Brooklyn has worked hard with passion and commitment to her goals. She won High Point 18 & Under and High Point Open at Brookside.

2020 Gold N Grand Show
Photo: Alexis Steele and Miss Musical Charlie.

Gold N Grand Show Results

Congratulations Lori, Art, Barb, Christine, Sophia, Brooklyn, Alexis and Colette. All of you and your horses achieved personal goals and grew tremendously throughout the weekend.

Lost count of the Circuit Championships and total number of top 5 Buckles earned over the weekend by our team of horses.

Brooklyn Joaqin and Just Zip Lightly won Gold N Grand Champion All Around 10 and under.

Alexis Steele and Miss Musical Charlie won Circuit Champion Amateur Showmanship and Reserve Circuit Champion WJ Trail.

Barb and Choc Out My Asset took top placing in Showmanship, Horsemanship and Pleasure.

Sophia Gold N Grand Show

Student thrive at Gold N Grand

Stepping in and stepping up! That sums up Sophia’s very first Gold N Grand Show. Brilliant, cheerful, helpful, dedicated, coachable and passionate. She brought her best effort every darn day and it paid off.

Thank You CLOUD (a.k.a. Intoxicating Zippo) for showing Sophia the way and Thank You to Alexis Steele for generously sharing Cloudy. She loved coming out of retirement.

Art and his horse Skip have made so much improvement in the show ring, in spite of being socially distanced for several months. Congratulations on a successful Gold N Grand.

Christine and J. Lo make a great team and yes, they are doing the Trail. Makes me so happy to see them out riding over the poles.

Barb has many qualities that are paying off for her as she ventures into new events. Attention to detail, perseverance, and the love she has for her horse Maggie. These things make her a fun and vivacious student.

Lori and California Casual really enjoy each other and it’s truly satisfying to watch them find their mojo in the Horsemanship, earning plus points and moving on up.

Brooklyn Gold N Grand Champion
Photo:  Brooklyn and Just Zip Lightly.

Thank you to my students

Watching my students building each other up and seeing how it strengthens us as a community brings me joy. It was a great show with great results. I want to give heartfelt thanks to my tribe, you are my WHY.

When a team of people come together to support and embrace each other’s journey, MAGIC HAPPENS. Thank You to each and every one of my students who contributed to making this GOLD n GRAND SHOW an easy 5 days (in spite of the 105-degree weather and long hours).

Alexis Steele Farnam Fall Challenge

Farnam Fall Color Challenge

We want to thank San Joaquin Paint Horse Club for hosting such a well-run and fun show.

Alexis Steele and Miss Musical Charlie won Open All Ages Showmanship, won both cards in the Open All Ages Horsemanship and finished Reserve.

Brooklyn Joaquin and Just Zip Lightly won High Point All Ages for Open All Breed.

Brooklyn Joaquin, Alexis Steele and Lori Butler Placing 1, 2 and 3 in the WJ.

“What is a barn family? A barn family is an extension of your own immediate family. A team made up of so many beautiful, talented, motivated people all striving to achieve similar goals. A barn family helps, loves and encourages one another. This is what Steve and Carol have created at Dal Porto Ranch.”

- Kristin F.