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Horseback riding lessonsfor kids in Brentwood area

Dal Porto Riding Academy offers a flexible lesson program open to all levels of riders in East Bay, including Brentwood, Antioch, Livermore, Pleasanton, Tracy and Discovery Bay. Lessons are taught by Carol Dal Porto in a Brentwood facility.

We welcome beginners who have never been on a horse before to children and teenagers who have been riding for years. Equestrian show teams are open to all students interested in more riding opportunities.


Beginning to advanced riding lessons

We have riding lesson packages that include a combination of group and individual lessons for children as young as three. You can also add lessons to your monthly package to suit your needs.

Our lessons “start where you are” so they are tailored to each student’s skill level. For students who are new to Dal Porto Riding Academy but not new to riding, an evaluation lesson will help us decide the proper placement and best lesson option for you.

One of a kind riding program

We believe in teaching every rider proper balance and aids before moving on to more advanced skills, producing safer and more effective equestrians.

A variety of lesson horses give our students the opportunity to experience many kinds of horse, from big to small, young to old. We also believe in learning by watching so when they are ready, our students ride in a group lesson giving them a sense of community while offering visual learning.

Dal Porto Ranch lessons

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Saddle Club

  • For horse crazy kids 6 to 10 years old
  • Every Monday from May 16th to June 20th
  • 4:00 to 5:30 pm
  • Limited spots available
  • Fill out contact form for details & enrollment

Full of fun and learning, this is a great way for young children to experience the equine world using our gentle lesson horses. They'll learn all about horses including hands-on caring for them and riding.


Ages 6 and up

  • Combination of private & semi-private instruction
  • 1 hour lesson every week
  • Lessons available Monday - Friday

For riders who want to continue on in our program, these lessons include private and semi-private instruction.

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Saturday Sessions

  • Teach to all skill levels
  • Beginner riders welcome
  • Open to children 6 and up

Saturday lessons are available on a limited bases. Call for availability.

horsebackriding lessons

Our riding philosophy

As riders progress in our programs, they learn about the care and well-being of the horse. We recognize that the best riders have learned an understanding of the horse’s nature and develop strong partnerships with the horses through this understanding. Through knowledge of the horse and understanding of its nature, a relationship is developed. 

At Dal Porto Riding Academy, we have witnessed that as each student’s riding skills improve and self-awareness increases, they learn to recognize how their own actions affect other beings.  As a result, we see our students become more mindful of their actions in their riding and in their daily lives. 

We promote an atmosphere of support that fosters a student's natural self-confidence. We encourage individual growth and the development of friendships that will last a lifetime.

What makes Dal Porto different?

Students can discover the world of horses and trust that their first horse lesson will be in a professional and qualified program.  All are welcome to remain a member of our barn family as a recreational rider for as long as they want. 

As our students advance, Dal Porto Riding Academy offers them opportunities to join our Show Teams on our horses or a horse of your own. Even going as far as the world show and still know our program is qualified to take them there and be successful.

Specialty areas of riding instruction

Dal Porto’s riding program was designed and developed by Carol Dal Porto.  It “starts where you are” so lessons are tailored to the student’s skill level.  Carol’s goal is to teach each rider the skills needed to become responsible, compassionate and effective riders.

  • Equitation
  • Western
  • Huntseat

Do I need my own horse?

No, we have gentle lesson horses available.  If you are a beginner, we have quality lesson horses that are well trained and perfectly suitable for those just learning to ride.  We also have more advanced horses for riders as they continue to progress in their riding skills.  

Our gentle well-trained lesson horses play an essential role in the process of learning to ride as you can only learn to ride as well as the horse is trained.

Haul-in lessons available

If you have a horse and are interested in bringing your horse to our facilities at Rafter D Ranch for lessons, contact Carol for more information and availability.


Payment is due before your first lesson of the new month and no later than the 7th.

Cancellation and Makeup Policy

We understand that sometimes cancellations are unavoidable, but unless an actual emergency is involved, it should be understood that we require at least a 24-hour notice of any cancellation. 

When we do receive a 24-hour notice, we will give you a credit towards a make-up lesson.

Day camps offer more fun with horses

Dal Porto Riding Academy also offers horse day camps and Saturday sessions throughout the year for children 6 and up. We have camps in the summer and during school vacations along with Saturday sessions during the school year. Visit our Camps page to learn more.

“The riders who are fortunate enough to find Carol will be pleased with their experience from the start. Carol has a gentle yet firm manner that combines caring with patience and understanding. Her experience and knowledge of horsemanship are undeniable and evident.

It was important that our daughter learn the art of listening to and understanding horses because we were novices to the horseback riding world. Carol worked very closely with our daughter in lessons to ensure she was safe at all times, as it can be easy for a 7-year-old to become overenthusiastic around the horses. We cried the day we moved and left the ranch. The bond Carol fostered between my daughter and her horses will last forever.”

- Liz L.